Union-square green market

A little before Christmas in New York, Farmer’s market had opened in the gap between tall buildings. When I dropped in at the market, there were people who are enjoy to buy vegetables, fish and fruits (including apple vinegar), the businessmen who walked quickly between the buildings.

This Union Square Greenmarket full of feeling of handmade is full of farmer’s craftsmanship, and its creativity is not to be bored us.


Looking at the paper description, clothespins, and wooden box display, it seems to convey the message, “How did this fresh product come from the farm in the shortest time?”

If you look at this, many people can not only eat green onions but also feel the environment and natural energy that they have grown. Such energy can be taken into the body.

The image of the green onion in a clean, sanitized plastic bag and the one in this market will be completely different.

It’s also interesting there is still creativity in the field of naming as well.

The description section describes what kind of vegetables, how can be used, and the effects of nutrients.

There are many types of potatoes in one of the sections, and each type has a detailed explanation. It can be used as a reference for how to write an explanatory note that makes the buyer interested.

Not only creating good products to sell, but also the creative power of how to express them and can be communicated to buyers. 

It is possible to think there are still ways for trial and error.