shopping bag or fashion?

When you are on a train in overseas, you can see some people carry freshly baked cakes placed on a plate, while others have only books. Looking at such a scene can imagine something in their life, Will there be someone’s birthday party? What other books are there on the bookshelf?

After shopping at the store, the goods are usually wrapped invisible plastic bag or paper bag, for easy to carry, and it protects our private things (desire expression) of shopping from the eyes of others. It’s also good advertising material to put the name of your store.


Unless it is a famous brand, most plastic bags are not fashionable or excellent design.It is thought that is enough to bring what you have bought from the shop to the house no one can see the contents, can not be spent much expenses.

But the shopping bag I bought in Taiwan as a little souvenir to a colleague was not the same idea. Please don’t care the bag is a little crumpled, because I was walking with it all the way.

 When I bought the goods at the store, the clerk first takes out the transparent bag, puts the crumpled yellow-green paper as cushioning material, and puts the goods in.

I thought it was the end here, but the clerk folded the printed translucent white film with the name of the store only through the hole of one hand and dropped it in half.

A double-sided tape is affixed to the inside of the middle of the film, so the film does not move or come off while being carried.

The interesting point of this shopping bag is whatever you put in it will be incorporated as part of the wrapping bag design.

The select shop, of course it does not mean they are collecting products based on package design only. But this simple and friendly designed bag separates the “graphic” from the goods placed inside (whatever it is) and recognizes it as part of the “fashion” of the person carrying.

As well as having practical functions as a bag, it succeeded in transforming the package design into fashion, wonderful design.