Diamond in the bottle

※Drinking under 20 is prohibited by law.

Nobody knows how many kinds of beer label design there are in the world, but all of them are beautiful, unique and attractive. Before opening the bottle and drinking up at once, I would like to be calm and stare at the package design of Tiger Beer.

As a package material, silver paper is attached to the bottle opening, and a paper label to the center. And of course, the body is made by glass.

Stripped silver paper looks cool, and all the materials used suggest how cool the drink are. It sounds great just hear to put a lip on a cool glass under the sunshine of summer.

This design tells us that the beer itself is a little drink. If there is a beer wrapped in cotton, stone or animal fur, it may give us another impression.

In addition, let’s take a look at the bottle itself as one package. The label such as emblems affixed to the body is arranging like arrowheads, and the entire design from the bottle neck to the bottom looks like a rhombus.

It’s just like a non-rotating piece standing on a desk. And, in the middle of the unstable diamonds, are the “Tiger’s Letter” and “The Tiger’s Picture” drawn in the largest and most effective colors.

Unstable bottle shapes must be held by hand. So I naturally hold the bottle. It was good package design which calculated to be just like you want to grip.

It was not here that I drank beer, but there are many such hawkers (food stands) everywhere.

Businessmen, students, elderly people, etc. spend their free time and enjoy eating and drinking while doing their favorite things such as reading a newspaper.

It’s like seafood noodles called Hocken-Mee. The noodles are cut into pieces about 3 cm, so eat with plastic “Renge(big spoon)” instead of chopsticks. The taste is seafood fried noodles and plenty of soup.