On the wall

As we walk a city, packages that suddenly appear in the landscape are usually not  beautiful, is disappointed to see the trash thrown away in the plants or on the streets. However, before making these judgments on good or bad, let  consider the motif of package design. In Australia, I took a photo of this […]

Over the words

It is often said that we cannot convey half of the thought we would like to in words, but in the product package we can tell the other half of the message by using the design. Especially when looking at product packages from overseas, the problem”I do not know the contents written on the package” […]

between hard and soft

Even if you don’t touch it, you can imagine its feeling just by looking at it, because there is a memory that we have touched them in our experiences so far. If the designer can convey the sense of touch visually (if it can be imaged), it succeeds in creating the atmosphere of the place. […]

Diamond in the bottle

※Drinking under 20 is prohibited by law. Nobody knows how many kinds of beer label design there are in the world, but all of them are beautiful, unique and attractive. Before opening the bottle and drinking up at once, I would like to be calm and stare at the package design of Tiger Beer. As […]