bonito bonito bonito!

Since I bought a lot of Dashi soup packs(Fish soup stock) and compared the tastes, I started to take dashi soup every time I made miso soup. Don’t underestimate it as a soup pack, some mainly use bonito flakes, some mainly use dried sardines, convenient ones seasoned with soy sauce, refined ones seasoned only with […]

shrimp noodle soup

And suddenly the memory returns. The taste was that little piece of Ebisen I dipped in cup noodle soup which on wednesday afternoon at Mikawa bay. Ebisen fundamentalists* (I don’t know if there is such a person) have a strong belief in enjoying the taste and texture of shrimp chips itself, and they believe that […]

Come with the wind

When I looked up Karinto on wikipedia, it said it was Japanese sweets. If you think about it like Japanese sweets and think of Karinto, it seems strange to think that it is Japanese sweets. Kakinotane(Japanese famous snack) are Japanese sweets. There is no discomfort. What about Imagawa Yaki? It will be Japanese sweets. What […]