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Product Description:
It is easier to throw away than canned products after used, and there is no change in the taste of the contents.


This is a proud product, red bean paste called Tsubu-an, cooked carefully and softly using Hokkaido azuki (red bean) as ingredient. It is characterized by the grains of red beans remaining in the paste.
Made in Japan


This is also a product that uses Hokkaido azuki (red bean). Remove the peel of azuki bean, squeeze,
and take time to mix it up. The grains of red beans are not left.
Made in Japan


This is our original product using white bean paste, knead and mixed the tofu by the original
manufacturing method.
Made in Japan

How to use :
  • As ice cream topping.
  • Wrap it inside of Chimaki (steamed rice dumpling)
  • As a jam for bread.

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